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Recca Wax Melt Company is our small business in the heart of Broadstairs seaside town in Kent who have recently launched.

Bringing our passion and love in wax melts we are proud to be launching cruelty free, naturally sourced products using environmentally conscious packaging to ensure our wax melts are your luxury guilt-free pleasure. 

We have worked hard to research and source the best products from suppliers who are both environmentally and Vegan friendly:

  • Natural Eco-Soy Wax 

  • Vegan Cruelty Free Fragrance Oil

  • Biodegradable Plant-Based Glitters

  • Biodegradable sleeves instead of plastic

  • Recyclable paper, stickers and packaging 

Our melts and snap bars are hand poured and crafted with love and passion from our home to yours. 

Our Mission is to use your favorite scents into our melts, to fill your home with sweet, happy memories by the power of fragrance and ensuring we are environmentally conscious from production to packaging so you can enjoy the melts as much as we have enjoyed creating for you.

Please contact us with any fragrances you would love to see next, we would love to hear from you...

Thank you in advance for your support and love,

Staying in never smelt better!

Much Love,

Katie & Milos